Monday, July 15, 2013

New Addition To The Family!

   Hi there! This post isn't about anything that I have baked, but a little bit more into my personal life  For anyone that doesn't know me personally, my family LOVES their animals! We have dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and even chickens in this family, and every single one of them is considered part of it. Before yesterday we had only three dogs: A smart dog, an old dog, and a dumb dog. They are amazing, and I can see why they are considered mans best friend! Our dogs go everywhere with us, they are just like little kids! The smart dog is even called the golden child, if you can believe it!
   Then a friend of my stepmother said that she had to give up her dog. The friend lives in a condo and there have been a few barking complaints about her dog, hence the reason why she had to give it up. Now, we have had this dog before and know all about her, so my stepmother, Laurie, said that we could take the dog! The dogs name is Lilly, and she is just the sweetest little thing!
   Lilly is a Jack Russel Terrier with soo much energy! She is a little skittish around unknown people, and she does like to bark if shes left in the room by herself. But you will have a hard time finding a dog as sweet as this one! She is also the new "girlfriend" of my smart dog, Spritze, as well as a playmate for him. All is well back here at home! And Lilly fits in as if she never left.

   Lilly definitely brightens the home, and all those that know her. At night she even likes to curl up by your head! It is a cute gesture  but it definitely gets annoying to have a little ball of fur radiating heat while trying to sleep in 80-90* weather.

   Lilly's favorite thing (other than being loved) is water! We have a pond with a working waterfall/wading area, and she will play with that all day long! She loves the flowing water, and tries to eat the bubbles in the waterfall. It is the cutest thing! She comes out of the pond soaked from the legs to under the belly- even her chin! She also likes to watch all the little goldfish in the pond, while I stand by waiting to see her fall in!

Pond in the winter time, it does freeze over when it is cold enough.
   Yes....she is already learning the bad habits of the Spencer dogs! And dad's not even home to do it! Lilly is already a master begger/sitter, along with KD(the old dog), and Spritze(the smart dog). She is also great at jumping on top of tables(when possible) so we have to watch out, or our food will be gone! And don't even ask about the human food.... she will eat anything!

   Lilly is also good with all the other animals roaming around the house, which is always nice to have! She likes to go give the chickens fresh water with me, and she doesn't even chase them! She also just walks right by the cats, not even acknowledging them! I guess you could say that because they are bigger than her (maine coon cats), but it is good that she doesn't chase them. It's good that she gets along with everyone!

   Well, Lilly, it is nice to have you back in the family. You are guaranteed to get spoiled (and fat), as well as receive all the love we can give. Welcome to the Spencer family!