Monday, July 15, 2013

Just a Little Hike

  Okay, so Laurie decided to take the day off so we could go on a hike! So we drive up Mt. Rose highway and get off at this trail head sign. We took the dogs with us too, they really needed the walk! And since there were three of us (Laurie, Macy, and I) and three dogs (KD, Lilly, and Spritze), it was perfect to go on this trail. The weather cooperated well today and wasn't roasting hot either, when we were walking it was only 77*. Pretty nice for a summer day!
   So we took the dogs out on this trail, and they loved it a lot! There was a lot of wildlife to see, and a lot of shade on the trail too. Sometimes it is nice to just get away from all the busy-ness and 
take a hike through the woods! It was also nice that it was fairly empty, then we wouldn't have to deal with our dogs barking so much! The one thing about this trail is that it is a lot of uphill walking, which isn't too bad since it was just a short trail. There were many littler trails connecting to this one, but we mainly stayed on the original trail. The last thing we want to do is get lost in the woods! 
   The colors in the forest were just beautiful. There is never a better time to go camping then when nature is in it's full glory. Speaking about camping, I am going next weekend to camp with Laurie and Macy! Anyways, all the flowers were in full bloom, and it was just a lot of greenery all around us!

    Sometime down the trail we came up to this little creek. How cute! There was also a lot of water going through it, which was a surprise due to the fact that it has been all heat and no rain here for the past few weeks or so. The water was definitely refreshing, as well as beautiful to look at! It was flowing nice and steadily  it even had a cute little bridge to cross over on! KD kept getting her hand stuck in the cracks between the boards on the bridge, but we made through!

I think the dogs liked it too! KD was in the water before anyone else! I actually took a slide down a tiny hill where I lost my footing, almost fell into the water myself! She would have stayed in the water all day if we didn't pull her out to move on! She was drinking the water too, and finally we got the other two dogs to drink some water as well. Lilly walked around in the water too, but she is just too fast to get a picture of!

   After the creek we moved forward on the trail. It was almost to an end! When we hit the end we crossed the street and went up to another trail that was quite close. This trail took us to an old Fish Hatchery and pond! The fish hatchery is no longer opened, but it is getting remodeled and ready to be re-opened as a recreational center. For boy scouts maybe? Anyways, inside the windows it was very spacious and looked like it had a mini kitchen or something. Totally cute and could work for a house if needed! It also overlooked this beautiful pond, and most of the forest as well. 
   This pond is man-made and stocked with fish as well. There were a couple families out fishing today, but we could all see the fish jumping in the middle of the lake, no where near the fishers! It's all in good fun, though, and that is what counts! KD also walked around in the shallow end of the pond, that dog loves her water!

After the pond we looped back around and went back to the car to eat some lunch. I had a turkey sandwich with grapes and a water, while Macy and Laurie ate ham sandwiches. The dogs even got their own little ham sandwiches! My dogs are soo spoiled, and they know it. It was nice to go on that hike, and the best part is getting to go home and taking a nap afterwords! All the dogs are tired as well, which makes everyone happy!!

Do you like camping or hiking? If so, comment where down below!