Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mini Apple Cobbler

   Ahh, the apple season is underway, with Halloween soon to follow! And then Christmas, which is when the baking happens most! Well, unless you are at my house, there is a huge baking project every time we have people come over! This time is was for a cross-country spaghetti feed for my Brother and his team, and Laurie had the cooking to do while I baked. I was in the kitchen four hours after school on Wednesday, without stop. Here are pictures of what I made:

Here we have some Lemon Poppy seed muffins with Cream Cheese frosting, and Caramel Apple cookies with Caramel Apple frosting. Both of these mixes and frostings can be found at your local Walmart (yes, I know, store-mixes. I just didn't have to or the supplies to create everything from scratch).

And I made Snickerdoodle Blondies and Bars (two seperate recipes). You can find the Snickerdoodle Blondies recipe here on my blog, and the Snickerdoodle Bars here from the Lil' Luna blog. Both of these recipes were a huge hit at the Spaghetti feed, at school, and even at work. If you have the time, I would definitely take both of those recipes and try it for yourself!

   Now, the third recipe I made this week was mini Apple Cobblers. I wanted to make something using the apples that would never be eaten, yet I wanted to make something small and easy to take to school for selling purposes. Well, I knew I had this Peach Cobbler and enough experience with Applesauce canning, that I knew exactly what I wanted to make. And then Boom, the recipe came to me! I thought why not combine the topping from the peach cobbler and the applesauce apple coating, and create my own apple cobbler! That is just what I did, and it was a fairly easy recipe to make!

First things first, you have to peel, core, and slice the apples. I should have used 2 instead of three, but the extra pieces can be cooked with some brown sugar over the top of them! The size of the apple slices are entirely up to you, since people can be picky about the size of their fruits. Then you will want to sprinkle some cinnamon and apple pie spice over the top, then stir to coat the apples. If they are not all coated, add a bit more of both spices, but too much can overpower the apple itself.

Then you will have to make the topping. If you remember from the peach cobbler recipe, then you would remember that is is just flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, and hot water. This is what you will pour on top of the apples to get that fluffy topping.

The best way to bake these are in paper cups, that way the apples won't fall out when you try to take a mini cobbler out of the pan. After the apples are in and the topping is covering the apples, you can sprinkle a bit of a cinnamon-sugar mixture over the top. Then, bake for 15-25 minutes, or until the top has set. Cool and enjoy!



Part One (Apples):
2 Apples; peeled, cored, and cubed
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Apple Pie Spice

Part Two (Topping):
1 cup Flour
1/4 cup White Sugar
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt
6 tablespoons Butter, soft and cut into pieces
1/4 cup Boiling Water


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a muffin pan with paper cup liners.
2. Place the apples with the cinnamon and apple pie spice in a medium size bowl. Mix until the apples are well coated, adding more cinnamon or apple pie spice if needed. Evenly divide the apples into your prepared muffin pan.
3. In a different large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients in part two. Then blend in the butter until it resembles coarse meal. Stir in the water until just combined. Divide the batter evenly between the muffin cups, making sure to coat the apples completely. Pour a cinnamon-sugar mixture (1 Tbsp each) if desired.
4. Bake in preheated oven for 15-25 minutes, or until the top has set or a toothpick comes out clean. Cool and enjoy!

Try this recipe? Tell me how it went down below in the comments!